The other day I sat through a supplier hosted webinar.  You know the sort of thing – a clever person trying to explain complicated PowerPoint slides.  But what did it all mean?

The webinar began by discussing how small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) have changed their technology spending habits.  As well as moving to OPEX from CAPEX, SMBs are spending more on cloud and remote working solutions since COVID – which is unsurprising.  There’s also strong spending on cyber security as the threat to SMBs grows, something we covered in a recent article.  Lastly, using tech to drive efficiencies through automation is an emerging trend amongst SMBs.

Then the webinar got really interesting!  Research shows that whilst SMBs appreciate there’s technology out there which offers greater flexibility, lower costs, higher productivity, enhanced security and more sales they are confused plus don’t have time to evaluate all the options.  The clever person with the PowerPoint slides went on to tell us that SMBs value relationships with trusted advisors who put understanding their needs and making evidence based recommendations ahead of selling tech products.

Which is where the Horizone team comes in – we are your trusted advisor!  Initially we’re only interested in learning about your business and objectives.  Then will we move onto proposing solutions accompanied by a detailed quotation.

It was heartening to have the approach we’ve been following for a while validated by research. Naturally we want your business but have found a focus on you, your objectives and problems does our order book no harm at all!  So let’s have a chat, please get in touch.