While we may not have the ability to grant you the power to scale skyscrapers or soar through the skies, together with our partner Fidelity Energy, we do possess a formidable superpower: saving you money on your gas, electricity and water bills.  Perhaps not as exhilarating as possessing a traditional superpower but none of us should settle for paying exorbitant prices for essential utilities.

Obtaining a zero-obligation quote from us is a breeze — just forward us copies of your latest bills and we’ll respond with lightning speed. Even if you’re under contract allow us to provide a quote. As your current contract draws to a close we’ll seamlessly transition you to the new money saving contract.

What if your superpowers extended beyond saving money? How about using less electricity or even generating your own as well as helping save the planet?

Voltage optimisation (VO) can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 19%, saving you money whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Read how voltage optimisation works HERE.

You’ll be cementing your position as an environmentally conscious business by choosing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Energy bills can be reduced by 40% and business risks mitigated due to less reliance on the National Grid. Read about solar PV panels HERE.

If electric vehicles (EV) are to realise their full potential charging points must be readily available. We can install state of the art EV charge points outside your premises.

Let’s close with a superpower audit. Together with Fidelity we can reduce your electricity, gas and water bills, make EVs more viable, reduce risk and make your business more sustainable. Superpowers don’t get more super so CONTACT US today!