Mobile Voice & Broadband

Mobile Voice

We connect to all of the major UK mobile networks for businesses ranging from one to hundreds of mobile connections. As an independent company we recommend the best mobile voice and broadband networks and tariffs. We do this for each customer’s specific voice mobile needs. We negotiate discounts with the networks and continually monitor performance against budget with bespoke software applications. As the interface between you and the mobile telephone networks, Horizone takes away the day-to-day hassle, enabling you to be more productive. We carry out a full audit of your existing equipment, network and tariffs. This service is free of charge and without obligation.

Mobile Call Recording

Our Mobile Call Recording solution can help you to meet your compliance requirements such as for the existing MiFID II or the European Unions new GDPR regulations. Do you want the flexibility of remote working, but still have concerns about falling foul of the regulations? Quite a dilemma!!!

Well not anymore. Horizone Mobile Recording seamlessly records calls and texts made and received from any mobiles you register. And you can track and monitor it all online, just like office landlines. Helping you boost productivity through mobile working, and meet your regulatory requirements at the same time.
Calls are recorded silently in the background. No manual recording. No app to download. No impact on customers or employees.
Security – CAS(T) accredited; NICE Systems, Actiance and Verint Systems certified.
Flexible – It works with your existing systems and any device. The secure portal makes it easy to track calls.
Simple and transparent pricing with no hidden extra costs.


Mobile Broadband

Cellular 4G is being rolled out faster than any other mobile service in history, making it an increasingly important tool for our customers. For many businesses, mobile broadband provides an alternative to fixed line broadband. In more remote locations such as farms and temporary site offices, we can often provide fast 4G access for the fraction of the cost of installing fixed line and comparatively slow ADSL. Our hardware varies from cellular enabled tablet computers, to dongles, cellular WiFi routers, high gain antennas and boosters. Talk to Horizone today to find out the advantages our mobile broadband service can provide for your business.


Disaster Recovery with Mobile Voice and Broadband

Our 4G cellular WiFi routers can plug straight into your switch to provide fail-over solutions that switch to data over cellular whenever your fixed line broadband fails.
When the seamless operation of your business is paramount, our mobile telephony backup solution could be the difference between the success and failure of your organisations normal day-to-day operations. Don’t take the risk of leaving your business exposed to communications failure, talk to Horizone today.


FAQS – Mobile, voice and broadband communication!

Actiance – A platform enabling the security, management and compliance of clients unified communications.
Verint – An analytics corporation providing customer engagement management, surveillance, security and business intelligence to its clients. Verint ‘s services aid in the detailed analysis of data.
CAS(T) – Certification and accreditation relating to Information Security and Communications technology.
NICE Systems– Provider of software solutions helping organisations to improve customer experience, ensure compliance, safeguarding assets by helping to fight cyber crime.
WiFi – Technology providing wireless local area networking based on IEEE 802.11 standards.
ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line – A DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) data communication technology providing fast data transmission.
VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – A group of technologies providing voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP (internet Protocol) networks.
SIP – Session Initiation Protocol – Communication protocol for controlling and signalling multimedia communications sessions for VoIP Internet Telephony (Voice and Video calls).
To find out more about our mobile voice and broadband solutions, talk to us here at Horizone. We will provide you with the right mobile broadband package for your business or organisational requirements.