Mobiles and tablets. Securely managed. Wherever they are. Whoever they’re with.

Do you and your team use your own mobiles and tablets whilst at work? Do you worry about their inherent security risks? If so then Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solutions will reduce the time consuming tasks often associated with conventional mobile device management.
Flexibility often goes hand in hand with network security lapses, not to mention the problems caused by lost or stolen devices. It’s a modern day reality. But thanks to MaaS360, this doesn’t have to be the case for your business. With our partners, O2 and IBM, we can offer you a cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution that puts device security in your hands. It’s a simple and comprehensive way of managing all the mobiles, tablets and laptops connecting to your network. Wherever they are. Whoever they belong to.
With the new GDPR regulations coming into force from May 2018 there has never been a better time to ensure that your business is ready and compliant. With potential fines of €10 million and more for data breaches that are unreported, the cyber security of your mobile devices has never been more important. This is where our Maas360 business solution can help.


How does GDPR affect my business?

The new European Union GDPR replaces existing EU member states’ existing data protection laws. The new regulations will therefore impact your business if it is located within the EU, or processes personal data relating to EU Citizens. All UK businesses must therefore comply, from May 2018, and will likely still need to do so after Brexit, and not just where they have customers located within the EU. This means that you must prepare to comply with the new GDPR regulations right now.
Our Maas360 solution can help your business to meet the requirements of these new regulations, reducing the risk of fines.
The new GDPR regulations confer specific rights onto EU citizens. These are primarily as follows:
• Right to be informed
• Right of access
• Right to rectification
• Right to erasure
• Right to restrict processing
• Right to data portability
• Right to object
• Right not to be subjected to automated decision-making including profiling
These are the primary reasons for the implementation of this new set of regulations. The EU is simply doing its best to protect its citizen’s personal data, hopefully reducing the risk of hackers stealing it.
GDPR Compliance with IBM Maas360
To comply with the forthcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules that businesses must adhere to from May 2018, our Maas360 solution can help by reducing your operational risk.


How can Maas360 help you to comply?


Mobile Device Management

IBM® MaaS360® is an easy-to-use mobile device management (MDM) platform that gives you a powerful suite of tools to handle the management and security of all your mobile devices – and all from a single screen. The software supports devices such as iPhone’s, iPad’s, Android smartphones and tablets and Windows Mobile Phones.

Mobile Threat Management

IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Threat Management allows you to detect, analyse and remediate enterprise malware on mobile devices, to help protect your Business against fraud and data breaches.

Secure Productivity Suite

IBM® MaaS360® Secure Productivity Suite delivers an enterprise data loss prevention solution. In the era of bring your own device (BYOD), it makes perfect sense to separate corporate data from other activity on your devices.


Secure your mobile devices with Maas360 for peace of mind and compliance with GDPR.

All of these features will enable your organisation to ensure that it is in full compliance with these new data privacy regulations. The Mobile Device Management, Mobile Threat Management and Secure Productivity Suite that make up Maas360 will give you real peace of mind in dealing with the threats that are ever present where personal data is stored, processed and communicated to other interested parties.

Contact the team at Horizone today and they will explain to you, in depth, how Maas360 can be a great fit into your organisation.

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