Leased Line

What is the Cost of Leased Line?

An Internet leased line is a dedicated permanent high performance network telecommunications connection delivering data, voice and internet traffic. Historically this was usually delivered using copper wire connected, via telegraph poles, to the local telephone exchange.

Nowadays a fibreoptic connection, offering much higher speed, will be the method of connection to the telecommunications network infrastructure.

Fibre optic cables use light providing the advantage of much faster uncontended symmetrical speed where required, and thus dedicated bandwidth. Along with full duplex capability being available too, the signal in the cable runs at the speed of light.

How does a leased line work?

An internet leased line is also commonly known as a dedicated line, a private line or an ethernet leased line. They are dedicated, and usually run through a fibreoptic cable, between your premises and the local telephone exchange.

For data transfer the widely adopted conceptual model TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is normally used. This protocol breaks data up into discrete packets allowing for fault tolerance by mitigating any dropout of data, thus ensuring data delivery from source to destination.

Service Providers for leased lines

In the UK, there are many service providers of leased lines ranging from large corporations such as Gamma and BT to a multitude of smaller leased line providers. Contact Horizone for a leased line quote and we will use our leased lines comparison expertise to find the best package for your business or organisational needs. Link to quote form?

An explanation of Symmetrical and Uncontended

Many of the terms that are bandied around may sound like rocket science, but they are simple enough once you understand them. For example ‘Symmetrical’ simply means that both upload and download speeds will be the same.

Furthermore, ‘Uncontended’ just refers to the fact that the stated bandwidth is not shared, which means that it always remains consistent and does not slow down due to others contending for bandwidth on a circuit.

Both terms are synonymous with leased lines.

If you would like to have any of our services, or other acronyms explained to you in detail, then we are always more than happy to help here at Horizone! Just contact us today to get the right leased line service for your specific needs.


  1. Leased line definition
    A leased line provides you with a dedicated and permanent high-performance connection to the telecommunications infrastructure, carrying data and voice Internet traffic, using a fibre optic cable or copper wire.
  2. Why you need a leased line.
    Leased lines are often used by businesses or organisations that require reliable high-speed connection to the Internet; they are critically important business infrastructure.
  3. How fast are leased lines?
    Our leased lines are provided at various speeds, ranging from 5MB per second up to 1GB per second.
  4. What equipment do I need to connect to a Horizone leased line service?
    We can provide you with a Cisco Router, or similar, that is suitable for the leased line service, which you select.
  5. How is security secured?
    A managed leased line solution from Horizone comes with a suite of security products ensuring that your internet connection is as secure as possible from the attentions of hackers.
  6. What support do you provide?
    At Horizone we can provide business clients with leased line support 24 hours a day throughout the whole year.
  7. Do you provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?
    Yes we do, we always strive to provide 100% up-time, ask for details of our SLA.
  8. What is the cost of a leased line?
    A leased line cost varies depending on your location and individual requirements, such as management and bandwidth. Contact us today for advice regarding our charges. Link to quote form?
  9. What is a symmetrical connection?
    A ‘Symmetrical’ connection is one where both the upload and download speeds will be the same.
  10. What does an ‘uncontended line’ refer to?
    An uncontended line is one where the stated bandwidth is not shared with anyone else. This means that its speed will always remains consistent regardless of others that may be contending for bandwidth elsewhere.