IT Support & Cloud Computing

Horizone provides proactive IT support services to maximise your up-time and minimise your costs.

Our joined-up approach takes the stress out of your business. The crossover between modern business communications and IT can lead to duplication of charges and confused responsibilities. By accommodating both services we eliminate these grey areas, streamline your systems and reduce your costs.

Remote Support

To give the fastest solution, our first choice is to remotely connect to your devices, investigate the issues and resolve them right away. We can organise upgrades, software installs, troubleshoot faults and provide training to avoid repeat problems.

On Site Support

Should there be an issue with remote connection or the issue cannot be fixed remotely, we can visit site and work around you and your staff to fix the issues in a timely manner. On site support can be built in to your package or used ad-hoc.

Hardware Support

We can provide hardware engineers to fix faulty devices on site.

New Hardware Builds and configurations

We can provide Hardware and build out the software installs to your specification, and keep a copy of your standard build for a fast delivery. We can Project Manage new system installs and upgrades.

Backup and Cloud Server solutions

Horizone are partnered with Amazon Web Services for all your Cloud Solution needs providing the following services.

Asset Management

We will conduct a full survey and compile a detailed inventory of your existing systems. We can manage purchasing and upgrades on your behalf. The inventory can be used for fast connectivity to the devices included in the support agreement.

Change Management

Horizone can manage your IT changes to asses the risk of moves, changes and upgrades to your existing systems. We can tailor the offering to suit the size and scope of your business

Security, Resilience & Disaster Recovery

We can review and refine your systems to establish and enhance your Security, Resilience & Disaster Recovery Plan.


Everyone has different needs and requirements but we can provide a monthly subscription service, a per device solution or an arranged ad-hoc, pay as you go arrangement, dependent on requirements.