Cloud Backup

If you operate in an organisation that is critically dependant on its data then you should carefully consider the advantages of cloud backup. In this day and age, what business isn’t vitally dependant upon the information that it stores?

This is where a regular offsite backup of your data, thanks to cloud storage, really comes into its own. You needn’t worry ever again about losing any data because cloud backup and storage solutions will store your data away securely in many locations.

And thanks to the ever-decreasing costs of broadband and cloud storage, backing up critical business information is becoming ever more cost-effective. Why worry about maintaining a plethora of PC’s, NAS (Network Attached Storage), RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) or other data storing devices in your office? Everything is now much more easily maintained and managed from the cloud.

Introducing Horizone’s cloud backup service

An online business backup solution is perfect for ensuring that all your company’s data is backed up securely when you want it to be. On the cloud it is easy to copy and backup all of the data on employees PC’s, Macs, Servers, NAS and RAID devices.

With Horizone’s Cloud Backup, you are put in full control of your disaster recovery storage solution online. Centralised billing and full administration access means that you are in the driving seat, managing all your team’s backup and restore needs.

Horizone Cloud Backup and retention period

  • Daily backups
  • Weekly store
  • Monthly store
  • 1-year store

For clarity, this means that you can restore data with 24 hr granularity for 7 days, a 1-week granularity for 4 weeks, and monthly granularity for 11 months.

This is variable dependent on your needs and totally managed by you within the parameters of your storage space

Advantages of cloud storage and backup with Horizone

Here at Horizone we take great care of our customers, and we don’t mean just the Client Relationship Management data either!

Whether your office runs on Macs or PC’s, laptops or tablet, we can help with a tailored cloud storage and backup solution that’s just right for your needs.

In summary, the advantages of our cloud backup and storage solution is as follows:

  1. Complete backup – This ensures that all necessary data is regularly backed up, whatever device it is on. All information can be accessed easily from the cloud when it is needed, saving time and allowing work to continue.
  2. Ransomware protection – If you are unfortunate enough to be attacked by ransomware then a restore back from the cloud to a time when your systems were secure and unaffected could be the ideal solution.
  3. Unlimited Data Backup – Files will be backed up to the cloud automatically every 24 hours. This means that all your data, including personal folders, can be backed up by default.
  4. Centralised cloud backup administration – With the web interfaces that we provide, you can easily administer the devices in your office from one location.
  5. High-grade military level secure encryption – The service provides you with the reassurance of military grade encryption. The Cloud Backup uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with data encrypted at 256-bits. You will have the ability to add your own encryption keys, which keeps the data unique and secure.
  6. In the cloud, your data is stored across multiplel locations, using advanced securely encrypted mirroring and replication technology. This makes it far more physically secure than other methods.
  7. Off-Site backup- Files will be backed up to the cloud, ensuring that data is safe; even if the office computer systems are damaged all information can be recovered.


  1. Do Horizone offer cloud backup support?
    Yes, at Horizone we provide our business clients with cloud backup support, we can give your business assistance for troubleshooting and queries relating to your cloud backup.
  2. Can I alter the times and amounts of data that I backup?
    Yes, you will be able to change your disaster recovery related timings and other requirements where required. The system that we provide you with is very powerful and flexible in its operation.
  3. Who are your cloud storage and backup solution partners?
    Horizone uses Acronis Backup. This allows data to be stored to highly secure cloud facilities in 14 separate locations, whilst also allowing flexibility and ease of use.

For further information regarding how you can securely backup your organisations data to the cloud with Horizone, as part of your disaster recovery planning team, get in touch today! We will be more than pleased to help you secure all your organisations data up in the cloud.