Business Broadband

What is the Cost of Business Broadband?

A business broadband service is one that is specifically tailored to the needs of many different types of business. There are a number of critical aspects regarding a broadband service that a company or organisation should be particularly interested in. Next, we will take a look at those aspects that you may be interested in.

Which factors are business critical?

These factors will often include the need for a superfast broadband service, often using a fibreoptic internet connection, providing high-speed data transfer on demand.

Another aspect that a business will be interested in is the reliability of the broadband service itself. After all, it is all very well having superfast fibre broadband installed but, if it is up and down like a yoyo, then the business may suffer.

Critical business broadband failure implications

An unreliable service will often become apparent at critical moments, such as when a telephone sales agent is closing a deal using a VoIP telephone, only for the call itself to fail at the critical moment!

More importantly perhaps, imagine the emergency services or other organisations providing critical services, losing vital calls mid-way through the conversation. The possibility doesn’t really bear thinking about.

Get the best broadband for your business.

To ensure that your business or organisation is protected from a poor fibre broadband service it is important that the most reliable system is implemented. Nowadays this often means that a fibreoptic internet connection, providing superfast broadband, is selected.

Firstly, the system will need to be uncontended, which means that the bandwidth available is not shared with another organisation.

Secondly, symmetrical bandwidth may be a must-have for you. This will ensure that both upstream and downstream data transfer speeds are the same. With many services, download speeds are often much faster than upload speeds.

Next, many businesses will already be aware that the availability of superfast broadband is related to their physical location. Indeed, many organisations actually move premises to gain a fast and reliable internet service.

Nowadays there are ways to implement the fastest broadband even in remote locations. Get in touch with Horizone today to find out how we can make superfast broadband available to your business, wherever you may be.


  1. Business Leased line definition (FTTP)
    A dedicated business leased line or FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) provides an organisation with a dedicated permanent high-performance internet connection to the country’s telecomms infrastructure, normally using fibre to carry data, voice and internet traffic. These services come with performance and service guarantees.
  2. Does your business need a leased line?
    Business Leased lines are often used by companies or organisations, which require both reliable and high-speed connection to the internet
  3. What speed does your business broadband run at?
    Our leased lines for business run at various speeds, these range from 1MB per second up to 1GB per second.
  4. How can my business connect to a Horizone leased line service?
    We can provide you with a Cisco router, or similar, that is the most suitable for the business leased line service that you select.
  5. How do you ensure my line’s security?
    A managed leased line solution from Horizone comes with a suite of security products ensuring that your internet connection is as secure as possible from the attentions of hackers.
  6. Do Horizone offer support?
    Yes, at Horizone we can provide business clients with leased line support 24 hours a day throughout the whole year.
  7. Is there an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?
    At Horizone our aim is to provide 100% up time to our leased line customers, simply ask for details regarding our SLA guarantee.
  8. What does business broadband cost?
    The cost of our business broadband service varies depending on your company’s requirements, including factors such as speed, security and bandwidth. Contact us if you would like advice regarding our broadband charges.
  9. Do I need a Symmetrical connection?
    A ‘Symmetrical’ connection is one where both the upstream and downstream speeds are the same, and comes as standard with our leased line service.
  10. What is an ‘uncontended line’?
    Basically, an uncontended line is one where the bandwidth itself is not shared. This means that its speed will remain consistent, which is often an important business consideration. Again, and uncontended line is a standard feature of our leased line service.

Contact Horizone to find out how our business broadband services can boost your business!