In the ever-evolving business landscape there’s a new acronym demanding our attention: CX shorthand for “customer experience.”  Gone are the days when buying decisions were solely driven by price and product specifications.  Today the quality of CX offered by a vendor plays a pivotal role in influencing purchase choices.  Have you ever found yourself opting for a product that wasn’t necessarily the cheapest or the best simply because of the superior CX provided by the seller?

Recognising this shift in purchasing behaviour we’re reimagining our approach.  While we’ve traditionally focused on offering solutions that promise cost savings and improved efficiency we’re now placing a greater emphasis on the CX you aspire to deliver.

Better CX leads to more sales so consider this: would your CX be enhanced if you could minimise missed calls, ensure adequate staffing during peak periods and provide multiple channels for customer communication such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, text or web chat?  What if you could seamlessly route customers to the right representatives to address their enquiries and arm your agents with instant access to customer information plus a knowledgebase?

Contact for IPECS Cloud by Daktela does all the above.  Please GET IN TOUCH to arrange a demo and download a data sheet HERE.

If 2024 feels like the year to prioritise CX let Horizone help you sell more.