Do you have multi-tenant office space in your property portfolio?  If so you’ll want high performance internet access backed with robust SLAs available to an incoming tenant from day one.  For several years Horizone has been helping commercial landlords in London and East Anglia meet this critical challenge.  Our growing reputation is winning us ever more prestigious projects.


In March 2024 Horizone was commissioned by the landlord of Capital House, Edgware Road, London to install high bandwidth connectivity plus in-building infrastructure for an incoming financial services tenant whose sales team needed to be operational without delay.  In just four days we installed floor boxes for 80 workstations with associated cabling back to the comms rack. To ensure day one productivity we provided a temporary mobile broadband solution until the leased line was fully installed.



Whether you’re setting up new offices or upgrading existing ones, we’re here to help.  Your office space will be more desirable and command a premium if prospective tenants appreciate they can move in and start working immediately.


Contact us today.  You can stake your reputation on ours!