Ingrebourne Links Golf and Country Club. A successful leased fibre broadband, copper and hosted VoIP telephony project.

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Horizone has been working with Aveley Leisure since 2015 when the the project was in the planning stage.

We were asked to provide internet access and telephony. The clubhouse was to be packed with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and multi-media, together with CRM and a variety of other applications, all connected to the cloud.

As you can imagine, there was just a huge empty site at the time and we knew from our work at their driving range that standard ADSL broadband was abysmal and completely inadequate for a project of this size.

The only practical option was a leased fibre line but there were two issues. A normal order for this kind of service requires not only a pre-existing building but a pre-existing comms cabinet in which to terminate the fibre. We couldn’t wait until the clubhouse was built to order the fibre. nd Secondly we needed to know how much it was going to cost to get the fibre to the property.

Irrespective of who bills the customer and whoever is the wholesaler, the infrastructure always involves Openreach. We found the engineer in charge of analogue telephone line installations for that area. We met him on site and lifted a few manhole covers. Amazingly there was existing fibre running down the street past the boundary. Openreach provided the ground box lids and ducting to stretch the 100 metres from the boundary to the clubhouse. All this was installed by the client while Openreach took care of the work required to join their ducting to the existing street duct. All the materials provided by Openreach and all their work on the highway to the boundary was free of charge.

By May 2017 the clubhouse was a hive of activity with what looked like a hundred people in high-viz jackets and hard-hats swarming all over it. There was a comms room and a comms cabinet, so we were ready for installation. By this time we had personally enlisted the help of Openreach’s fibre engineer for that area. We all worked together to get the fibre and the copper line from the street to the cabinet.

We use Gamma as our telecoms wholesaler. They are the biggest indepenent telecoms wholesaler in the UK with professionals in every field. They provided a Cisco router pre-programmed to handle simultaneous voice and data over the fibre. We commisioned the service and patched it in to our Horizon hosted VoIP telephone system – seven Polycom VVX410 desk phones and two Yealink cordless phones. We patched the copper telephone line into the elevator for their comms and bingo!

The cost? Our charge will be virtually zero. We provided the consultancy, installation, Cisco router and phones free of charge. Openreach paid for all the ducting and ground boxes and all their work on the highway was free. Installation and activation of the fibre was free. The client paid for the two ground boxes and the labour involved in the ducting installation.

Horizon Hosted VoIP Brochure

Polycom VVX400 Series Data Sheet

Ingrebourne Links Golf and Country Club