The prospect of leased line broadband has been quietly pinging away on most companies’ radar for some time now, but most FDs view it as a luxury, with a price tag to match. As we become more reliant on broadband for vital functions such as remote working, computing (need I go on?), that pinging is getting louder – or should I say, the disquiet of the staff is getting louder as they try to remote connect to the office. Their houses have super-fast broadband and the outside world is bristling with WiFi and 4G, yet connection to the office is painfully slow. Then there’s the complaints of the boss pinging on that radar. The company’s being left behind while everyone else is moving their CRM, accounts, you name it, to the cloud. You could be surprised to find how cheap leased line really is these days. Guaranteed reliability and guaranteed speeds which are the same, both upstream and downstream, really can transform your business. It’s perfect for telephony too, so you could do away your landlines. You could pay as little as £220 plus VAT per month and the savings made by disconnecting your traditional landlines and broadband makes leased line very cost effective indeed. Stop the pinging, let us run a bespoke quote for you – it only takes a couple of minutes.

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