The COVID lockdown taught us that good internet access and reliable WiFi are vital if businesses are to flourish. From 2020 onwards Horizone has found itself in great demand for our ability to provide cellular broadband in rural settings. We have relationships with all UK networks so can provide customers with the best coverage option. The internet a business requires isn’t just about network choice, distributing coverage across a site is also vital.

Borough Farm in Surrey ably demonstrates what Horizone can deliver. We installed a cost effective Vodafone solution covering four buildings using wireless bridges and DrayTek meshed WiFi. In the photo you can see the discreet antennas we used attached to the farmhouse chimney stack.

See if you can spot the discreet antennas in these photos…

We don’t forget our customers once installation has been completed. Businesses need a timely response in the unlikely event of a problem. After nearly four years of reliable service, the WiFi went down in the Borough farmhouse. Despite being based in Essex we attended site and found a faulty power supply which was replaced on the spot – full service restored!

So if you operate from a rural location we can help provide the internet access your business deserves. Cellular broadband isn’t the only option. Increasingly fibre is available in rural locations and we can keep costs down by sharing one circuit across multiple businesses. We can even provide StarLink satellite broadband. Why not get in touch to discuss options?