Are landline telephones still important to your business?  Yes!  Although you could be forgiven for thinking that phones are an irrelevance these days.  Ofcom reported in January 2024 that calls from fixed line phones fell by 1328 million minutes (18.9%) year on year to 5.69 billion minutes.  The total number of fixed lines (including PSTN lines, ISDN channels and managed VoIP connections) declined by 950k (3.3%) during the last quarter of 2023 to 27.6 million.  You can read the full report HERE.

Despite Ofcom’s report your business still needs a phone system, perhaps a better phone system!  Here’s why…

We’re human and most of us still like talking to one another; speaking to someone is reassuring.  When a problem is complex using the phone saves going back and forth over email meaning clarity can be reached in minutes rather than hours or days.  If a problem is sensitive it’s often worth talking it through as language and tone of voice will be important.  How often do emails get misinterpreted and simply make the problem worse?

When the problem is urgent pick up the phone!  The phone is still regarded as the primary means by which urgent issues are fixed quickly and efficiently.

And then there’s the phone number itself.  A geographic landline number could appeal to your local market who’d prefer not to deal with a national company.  A local landline number also gives the perception of trustworthiness and an established company, crucial if your business involves large transactions.

These days buying decisions are seldom based purely on price and product features.  Brand, the personal touch and customer experience will grow your sales.   We remember voices, how we were spoken to and how our needs were met.  Relationships are key and nothing builds a relationship like talking.  In a world where competition is ever more ferocious the relationship you have with customers provides a competitive edge and fosters loyalty.

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With all this in mind you need to talk to Horizone about future proofed landline phones.  We can prepare you for the 2025 PSTN switch off, get customers to the right people in your team, ensure you don’t miss calls, help you measure the experience you offer customers, enable remote working, increase your sales and reduce your costs.  Please GET IN TOUCH today.