We’re all busy, and too many of us are stressed. The Health and Safety Executive reported 11.7 million days lost to stress in 2015/16. We all find different ways to cope, but a little technology can go a long way to help turn ‘phew’ into ‘woo hoo’.

Here are five apps for your phone or tablet that could transform your working day.


Organise, the easy way.

When things are getting complicated, try one of the best-known and most-used free apps for business. Trello lets you create lists for everyday projects – for work, life, or anything else. It’s big on personalisation too. Assign checklists to the relevant people and see the tasks get ticked off.

Microsoft Office 365

Productivity? Nailed.

This neat little package of goodies gives you all the familiar productivity apps you know like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You always have the latest versions, so compatibility isn’t a problem, plus you get 1TB of online storage that you can use to back up your work, or to share with others so you can collaborate online. So you can get more done, quicker, and you also get Skype for Business so you can replace that draining commute with video conferencing.


Make time, not hassle.

Keep an eye on the hours – just track your time, and sort it by project. Toggl is the way forward. It’s easy to use and lets you generate reports quickly. Then you can see the time you or your team are devoting to each project. You can even email automatic reports straight to customers – handy when you bill by the minute.


Track stress to stop stress.

Ever find you’re reaching for that third cup of coffee or chewing on your nails? Here’s a great way to monitor your stress levels during the day, to identify your biggest triggers and learn how to dodge them. Pacifica’s Mood Tracker option lets you record your mood at key points through the day, so you can keep notes on situations and triggers that lead to stress and deal with them. So if a team meeting on a Fri is more stressful than on a Monday, you’ll know – and can take action.

Simply Yoga (for iOS, for Android)

Stretch your body. Stretch your mind.

Everyone needs some downtime. Why not turn it into downward dog time? We’re talking yoga – a great way to flex the body and calm the mind. With Simply Yoga you could squeeze in a 10, 20, 40 or 60-minute workout, wherever you are. There’s 60 poses to try and it’s easy to build your own workout.

Pick and mix your perfect app combination, and you’ll be winning at work in no time.

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