Office telephone systems are especially geared towards improving the productivity of an organisation's staff. Such a system needs to satisfy the needs of the business, first and foremost, in order to keep the organisation functioning optimally with regard to voice communications.

Improving productivity with Horizone office telephone systems

Our systems provide voicemail, auto-attendant, hunt groups, call recording, call monitoring and call reporting together with PC and mobile phone integration using Samsung business telephone systems. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology supports multiple sites, offsite and home workers can all be seamlessly connected. Each office or other staff member's phone will thus effectively become an extension of an integrated, or unified, system.

We can provide office telephone systems that boast inherent scalability and flexibility too. We take the stress away by supporting the remote day-to-day management of the system with own qualified staff where required. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless experience and one-stop shop for all your business telephone systems needs.

Samsung office OfficeServ and Xchange products go towards delivering the professional phone service that we offer.

Integration of your office telephone systems

We provide PC integration for applications such as Outlook, Access and Sage too, meaning that your incoming calls can be quickly identified and customer account details clearly displayed before a call is answered.

This makes our service ideal for office environments such as call centres, where the status and performance of all of the users on a system can be easily reported on and monitored. These systems enable calls from contact lists, spreadsheets and databases, which you can pick up with just one click! This is exactly how you can boost your office productivity from the get go!

Taking control of your office phone systems

We allow you to take back control of your office telephone system. We provide detailed call reporting data that's easy to comprehend. You will gain a much deeper insight into how your phones are being used and therefore how effectively your business is operating.

Knowledge is power and therefore you will discover easier ways of working from the data our systems provide. Our phone systems mean that one touch will enable taking and making calls or messages, connecting everyone seamlessly together. Intuitive operation means that your staff can collaborate faster, saving time and money.

State of the art systems

With our state of the art call routing functionality your customers will feel important. This is how to present your business and brand to the outside world in the most professional way!

You can even save money with Horizone too, as our wholesale call rates cut your monthly call and line rental charges down!

Cloud based office telephones

Whatever your communication needs, from Internet enabled VoIP cloud based solutions to a traditional PBX, we are here to help. Should you need to unify all of your business communications together then we can help there too. We provide solutions that will work seamlessly across all your organisation's phones, tablets and PC's wherever they are. Horizone's solutions will keep your staff in touch even on those old-fashioned desktop handsets in the office!

Some of the other advantages that we offer include the visibility of staff availability, quick and easy inbound call routing, click to call efficiency, full visibility of call handling and customer databases that are accessible anywhere.

Easily keep everyone in touch, wherever they may be, with Horizone's unified communications packages.

MiFID II compliance with our office telephone systems

Nowadays, call recording has become a vital consideration for many businesses due to the new MiFiD II rules that are being implemented. These regulations will apply to IFA's (Independent Financial Advisers) and any business or organisations that is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK. Our office systems will enable you to ensure that your office complies with the rules. This is because we provide full recording and data storage options.

GDPR Compliance with Horizone telephones

Across the EU (European Union) the forthcoming new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules need to be adhered to from May 2018. These new regulations have been developed by the EU and, in the UK, the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office). These new data protection laws are addressed by our call recording and reporting and securely encrypted voice communications systems.

There are other advantage to be gained using our call recording systems such as order verification and processing, dispute and abuse mitigation, call quality monitoring and staff call training too.

If you want to discover more about how Horizone office telephone systems can be put to use for you then get in touch today. A member of our helpful customer service team will then help guide you through our services.

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