We offer hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services across the UK and further afield. Our hosted VoIP service allows our customers to do away with traditional phone lines and systems. You just need VoIP phones at your location which can be seamlessly connected to the Internet via broadband using a cloud based PBX (Private Branch Exchange).

This may sound complex but as far as your business is concerned it is simple as the only hardware you need are the VoIP phones and an Internet connection. Our cloud based systems do the rest. Our system is fully featured and offers voicemail, hunt groups, mobile phone and PC integration, call recording and reporting plus auto-answer functions.

These features can all be easily controlled via our online portal too, making setup and use a breeze. With our hosted VoIP we take the strain so that you don't have to, saving you money compared to traditional PBX setups all along the way.

Cost effective Hosted VoIP from the get go

With low setup costs, and free of charge VoIP phones in most packages, you do not need to purchase phones or a separate phone system either. That is the real beauty of the cloud - convenience, scalability and economic running costs all come as standard!

With VoIP you do not need multiple telephone lines, just one Internet broadband connection. All you need to pay for are the costs of the broadband connection itself and a single desk charge based on the number of desktop phones that you have. Calls themselves are much cheaper with VoIP and we even offer packages that include calls too!

There's no need for a costly maintenance contract either as there is little to go wrong and thus no need for engineers to attend your premises. If you have a hardware fault with a phone, then we will simply send you a new one, first class! With VoIP you are not stuck behind your desk in the office either, you can connect from any location where there's suitable broadband available, even at home.

Boost productivity with Hosted VoIP systems

Our hosted VoIP systems provide fully featured call recording, call monitoring and call reporting together with voicemail, auto-attendant, hunt groups, PC and mobile phone integration. VoIP technology provides support for multiple sites so that onsite, offsite and home workers are all just one click away. Each phone will therefore effectively become an extension of your fully unified communications system.

Horizone VoIP systems offer inherent scalability and flexibility as well. Our job as your VoIP business phone partner is to support the remote day-to-day management of your system with our highly qualified staff whenever required.

Hosted VoIP cloud telephony

When you need a cutting edge cloud phone system to match the document and file handling cloud-based systems that you likely already use, look no further. Move everything across to the cloud and do away with all that old legacy technology that is holding your business back!

For modern team working and better collaboration in the office, offsite or at home, the cloud offers the best solution for seamless integration of all your business communications and workflows.

The cloud also facilitates easy sharing of information and ideas. Finally, it also provides far more simple turnkey backup, restore and disaster recovery capabilities, which traditional ways of working can't compete with.

Better office integration thanks to VoIP

We can assist with PC integration for all of your critically important office applications such as MS Outlook, Access and Sage as well. Even your incoming caller's identity can be expanded to display full CRM or customer details before a call is even answered. Putting your business one step ahead of the game is the name of the game with us!

Hosted VoIP provider's services are optimal for call centres, where the current status and performance of the users on the system can be monitored and reported in real-time.

Make sense of your customer Big Data, and then put it all to good use. Make the important elements of it available across your business environment for all to access with our intelligent business phone solutions. In this way you can boost your office productivity and bottom line all at the same time.

Take back control with new cloud based business phones

If you want to unify all of your business communications together then we can help with our cloud hosted VoIP solutions.

Our systems make complying with all new regulations a cinch too.

If call recording has become an important consideration for your business due to the need to comply with MiFiD II rules then let us help. If you are worried about how the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules will impact your business, get in touch.

We can help with one of our VoIP business phone packages tailored to suit your specific telephony requirements.

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