A business phone service is one that is specifically tailored for the requirements of many different types of businesses.

Here at Horizone we have many years of experience in delivering phone systems to a variety of businesses including those involved in recruitment, healthcare, estate agency, financial services and many others. The experience that we have gained has enabled us to put together phone packages that are suitable for any business, large or small.

Advantages of our business-focused phone systems

First of all, we can help you to gain better control of your system. This means that you will find detailed call reporting data that is easy to view and understand, allowing you to gain a deeper insight into how effectively your business is operating.

Secondly, our systems will enable you to find easier ways of working because our systems are intuitive, enabling your staff to collaborate more effectively. With our phone systems, one touch enables you to make and receive calls or messages, connecting customers and staff seamlessly together.

Third, our hardware options will enable the call routing functionality and on hold options that will make your customers feel important, presenting your business and brand in the most professional way.

Finally, our preferential wholesale call rates will reduce your monthly call and line rental charges too!

Cloud based business telephony?

Whether you are looking for an Internet enabled VoIP cloud based solution, or a traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange), we can help. We will provide you with all the options that you need to ensure the best connectivity both within and outside your office or company environment.

Unified Communications

If you want to unify all of your business communications then we can help by providing solutions that can work across all of your organisations devices, wherever they are located.

Our software and app solutions will keep your staff in touch wherever it is necessary, including on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone or even on old-school desktop handsets!

Other advantages include visibility of staff availability, efficient inbound call routing, click to call efficiencies, visibility of call handling and customer databases accessible from anywhere.

From state of the art desktop client solutions to out in the field workforce mobile clients, we have got all of your potential unified communications needs covered.

MiFID II compliant Call Recording and Reporting

Call recording is a vital consideration today for many businesses as the new MiFiD II rules are rolled out. These regulations apply to both IFA's (Independent Financial Advisers) and businesses or organisations that are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) of the United Kingdom.

Advantages of our call recording, storage and reporting systems

Our systems will enable you to ensure full regulatory compliance by recording and storing all your calls, where necessary, together with a high level of secure encryption.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance

The GDPR regulations (General Data Protection Regulation) are a set of rules that many businesses, large or small, need to comply with from 2018. These regulations have been developed by the EU (European Union) and, in the case of the UK, ICO (Information Commissioner's Office). These new data protection needs are also addressed by our call recording and reporting voice communications technology.

Other advantages of our state of the art call recording systems include resolution of disputes and abuse, monitoring call quality and staff training.

These recording and reporting systems can be implemented across all of your devices wherever they are required.

To find out more about our Horizone Business Phone Solutions and packages, simply get in touch today. One of our helpful customer care team will be on hand to help guide you through our services. Where applicable, it is important to check that you are GDPR and MiFID II compliant.

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