If you are looking for a business phone and broadband service then you will likely need one that is customised to your business' individual telephony and broadband requirements.

At Horizone we have vast experience in the delivery of phone systems and any associated broadband services to businesses and organisations across the UK. Our business broadband and phone bundles are always geared towards providing flexibility, high reliability and speed to our customers along with our outstanding support.

We provide our systems to a variety of different sectors including estate agency, legal and financial services, recruitment, healthcare and many others. Our experience and knowledge of telephones systems and communications networks means that we can create a tailored solution suitable for any type of business or organisation.

SIP Trunks for VoIP calls

The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology that we can provide for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone systems offers customers truly unified communications. Our Gamma SIP Trunks are ideal for businesses equipped with SIP-based IP-PBX (Internet Protocol - Private Branch Exchange) and unified communications implementations.

Why choose Horizone for your Phone and Broadband?

For any effective business, you will need to have full control of your telephones, broadband Internet and other communications systems to ensure efficient company operations. Our platforms mean that you will have full control of your phone systems too. This applies whether they are desktop handsets, fixed line, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or mobile smartphones and tablets used whilst out in the field.

Our Phone solutions

With all our phone solutions we provide you with detailed call reporting data, which is simple to understand. This provides you with a much deeper granularity of information than you will likely have had access to previously. With Horizone as your business phone & broadband partner, you will easily be able to visualise how effectively your business communications are working overall.

Our systems will also enable you to determine easier ways of working together too, and that's because all our platforms are highly flexible and easy to use. This means that staff collaboration will be boosted, helping your team to more effectively provide impressive customer services, close deals and complete other vital communication activities. For example, just one touch enables you to make and receive calls and messages, thereby seamlessly connecting your staff, customers and stakeholders together.

We also provide hardware options offering state of the art call routing functionality plus on hold options so that your staff can work in a professional and timely manner, leaving the right impression with your clients and partners at all times.

Our broadband packages

Often selected together with our phone systems, we can offer ADSL, FTTC and fibre leased line broadband bundles. We can use symmetrical uncontended services, which means reliability and speed are combined for maximum usability and uptime.

Our services can be scaled from 5MB to 1GB per second as required. Furthermore, this is all covered by our second to none SLA (Service Level Agreement) too.

Together with our security product suite, our broadband will keep your data protected from prying eyes with the maximum availability, speed and bandwidth that your business needs.

Reducing your business phone & broadband bundle costs

Our business phone and broadband packages will also give you access to our preferential wholesale call rates, which will reduce your bills for all call and line rental charges too. Unified communications are a given with our solutions, allowing all your staff, wherever they may be, to effectively keep in touch whilst performing their duties. The best deals are often available when you have your business phone plus broadband service together with one supplier too!

Prepare your business for the great ISDN switch off!

You should also be aware, as part of your forward business planning, that BT Openreach has stated that they intend to switch off all ISDN telephones by 2025. This also affects the older legacy PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) networks too for voice communications. This means that all calls will need to made over broadband either hosted by VoIP or SIP trunks from then on.

Basically this all means that everyone will need to use VoIP (Voice over IP) technology for voice communications across fixed lines past this date.

New MiFiD II and GDPR compliance for organisations

For those businesses impacted by certain new regulations such as GDPR and MiFID II, our business packages allow them to comply. With Horizone phone and broadband systems, you can quickly and easily become compliant for MiFID II which relates to call recording and storage. Our systems can also help with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) created for use across the EU.

These new data protection needs are also addressed by our advanced call recording and reporting voice communications technology.

For more information regarding Horizone Business Phone and Broadband solutions plus our packages, get in touch! A member of our customer care team will be on hand to help guide you through our solutions.

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